On September 28, 2002
Ray's family and close friends
held a ceremony in his honor.

On Lake Travis near Smithwick,
in view of the home that he designed and built,
we scattered his ashes.

Present were Shirley Posh, David Posh, Larry Posh, Brenda Posh, Vera Posh, Justin Posh, Alan Posh, Leah Posh, Mike Henry, Trish Henry, Larry Ross, Mary Ross, Michael Henry, and Mary Stephan.

At the end of the ceremony, Trish Henry said the following prayer for Ray:


Thank you, Lord, for Ray Posh.  Your son was a sweet,
sharing, caring, funny, generous, understanding, and smart man.  Ray was a
wonderful neighbor, always willing and ready to offer help or advice on
almost any subject or project.  But what's truly special to us is his
friendship.  Our lives are enriched and we are better people because of this
special man, and we are grateful for his creation.

We know that neither life nor death, nor Ray's
understanding of you, Lord, can separate him from Your Love, as shown to us
through Jesus Christ.  Amen

Goodbye courageous, good friend.  We love you and we
will see you again.